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Maule M-7-420 Amphib. TT 870 h
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Used Aircraft For Sale...                          Angebot-Nr.: 03-821
1991 M-7-420
Turbine (Amphib)

Total Time:  870 h

Used Aircraft For Sale...

Four place high wing cabin monoplane on amphibious floats
Engine: Allison Gas Turbine 250-B17C (369 Shaft hp) Turbine was original factory installation not a modification.
Floats: EDO model 597-2790 Amphibious Floats with Boarding Step Modification
Main and bow wheels retract into wheel wells
Propeller: Hartzell full-feathering reversible propeller Model HC-B3TF-7A/T10173F-11R
Exterior:White exterior with horizontal double red stripes on fuselage and floats accented in light gray
Interior:Dark brown leather seats with dark brown carpet and taupe headliner
Electronics and Avionics:
Bendix/King IFR Package                                                KX-165 Nav/Com #1 (Installed 1998)
KX-165 Nav/Com #2 (Installed 1998)                           KMA-24 Audio/Marker Beacon Panel (Installed 1991)
KR-87 ADF w/RMI indicator (Installed 1991)                               KT-79 Transponder with Encoder (Installed 1991)
Slaved Compass System                                                               II Morrow GX-55 GPS (Installed 1998)
Ryan 9900B TCAD (Installed 1999)                                              Four-Place Intercom with Four David Clark Headsets
Narco ELT
The first owner purchased the aircraft to provide transportation to and from his new mega-yacht the Eco. The Eco was a 235 foot contemporary design that was fitted with a 18,500 hp GE turbine for speeds up to 34 knots. The yacht had a large crane to transfer the Maule between the aft deck and the water. Because most float planes have relatively low useful loads, in 1995 the first owner had her fitted with a prototype wing and fuselage reinforcement modification which raised the gross weight from 2,750 lbs to 3,265 pounds for land operations and 3,100 pounds for water operations. This resulted in a useful load of 1,050 pounds for land and 885 pounds for water.
- AILERON/FLAP MODIFICATION: Maule Modification Kit #3 was installed which lengthened the ailerons and shortened the flaps. The purpose of this change is to provide better aileron control during slow flight.
- PILOT SEAT: The second owner was the very tall Alan Jackson, the country music singer from Nashville. He had the pilot seat modified such that it increased the aft travel for better comfort.
- OBSERVATION WINDOWS: There are observer windows at all four seats.
- STAINLESS STEEL DOOR FRAMES: The original three doors where changed out for doors having stainless steel frames finished with powder coated paint.
- RESTORATION: Since the first owner kept the airplane on the back of his yacht and the itinerary was between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, the second owner had the airframe completely restored in 1998. All steel parts were sandblasted and powder coated prior to covering. The stainless steel door frames, the windshield and all new side windows were installed. The leather interior, carpet and new headliner were installed. The floats were inspected, serviced and repainted.
- FUEL FLOW METER: A Shadin digital fuel flow meter and totalizer is installed.
- LONG RANGE TANKS: The aircraft has four fuel tanks with a total capacity of 85 gallons.
LAST ANNUAL & 100 HOUR INSPECTION: 12/11/01 by Maule Flight, Moultrie, GA
IFR CERTIFICATION: Last Performed 7/8/02

Frachtkosten belaufen sich auf ca. 10.000,00 USD.Hierin enthalten ist die Anbringung des D-Kennzeichens im Werk, die Demontage des Flugzeuges im Werk, Verpackung sowie Montage in unserer Werft am Flughafen Paderborn-Lippstadt incl. Erstellung der Dokumentation und der  Zulassung.Bitte beachten Sie, daß ggf. noch ein Heggemann-Nachschalldämpfer installiert werden muß. Dieser wird ggf. gesondert durch uns in Rechnung gestellt.


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