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Maule MXT-7-180A NEW!!!
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MXT-7-180A Comet
Trigear with 76” Sensenich Fixed Pitch Prop and Spring Aluminum Gear

Price:..........USD 155,387,00 +16 % VAT + incoming freight

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The Comet models are the still among the most economical 4 place aircraft on the market, but feature our Trigear design. Built with the traditional Maule ruggedness, the Comet makes a superb training and rental aircraft. Available VFR or IFR equipped, this plane also makes an excellent cross-country plane for your family. This 180 hp version allows you to carry more and cruise faster without a large increase in cost.

Note: Since many Maule models share similar features and specs, the most notable differentiating features are highlighted in bold.


Landing Gear Configuration:


Landing Gear Type:

Spring Aluminum

Engine Type:


Engine Model:

O-360-C4F (carbureted)


76” Sensenich Fixed Pitch Prop - 2 blade

No. of Seats:


Useful Load: (avg.)

895 lb.

Cruising Speed: (75% power at optimum altitude):

135 mph

Wing Span:

32.9 feet

Wing Area:

165.6 sq. feet.


23.5 feet


8.3 feet

Cabin Width:

42 inches

Gross Weight:

2400 lbs.

Empty Weight:

1505 lbs.

Fuel Capacity:

73 gal.

Stall speed (with full flaps, 1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel)

45 mph

Takeoff distance: (1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel)

550 feet

Takeoff distance at gross over 50’ high obstacle:

1150 feet

Rate of Climb: (1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel)

920 fpm

Land at gross over 50’ obstacle:

500 feet

Best Climb Speed:

90 mph

Service Ceiling:

15,000 feet

Fuel Consumption (65% power):

9 gph

Flap Settings:

-7, 0, 24, 40 (degrees)


Optional Equipment

Auxiliary Cabin Cool Air

Dual Tail Struts - (for Tow Planes)

Fire Extinguisher - (Halon)

Ground Service Plug

Hour Meter

K S Mix Mizer EGT 1 Probe -- (EGT1L)

Landing Light -- Right Wing

Observation Door -- (Price for Each Door)

Oregon Aero, Contoured Seat Cushions (P & CP) (Normal)

Pulselite -- (Precise Flight)

* Super Sky Light w/ Cover

* Swing-Out Window -- Copilot

Tow Bar -- (Nosewheel)



PS Engineering PMA 7000 M-S Audio Panel

GNS 430 GPS/nav/comm

GI-106A CDI w/ GS

Garmin GNC 250XL GPS/Com

Garmin GTX 327 Digital Transponder

King KA-33-00 Cooling Blower

Narco AR-850 Alt. Encoder

2nd Broad Band Antenna -- (Meriden/BB16)

Marker Beacon Antenna -- (Meriden/MB5)

Transponder Antenna

Triplexer -- (Meriden/NT1A)

Headset Accessory Upgrade

Bose Install Harness

Exterior Finishes

Base Color: Glacier White

Main Stripe Color: Plane Red

Center Stripe Color: Plane Red

1/4 inch pin stripe & N number color: Twilight Blue

Leading edge of wing paint color: Plane Red

Interior Finishes

Leather - Berkshire

MX-7 - Level 3A

Leather Color: Khaki

Headliner Color: Sandstone

Instrument Panel Color

Mist (powder coated)

* Welded on During Aircraft Manufacture (Stage - Weld 1)

Prices and equipment subject to change without notice. Effective March 22, 2001


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