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Maule and SMA-Jet-Engine
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MAULE Air, Inc. is designing a new aircraft in which the SMA SR 305-Jet Fuel engine will be installed.

Maule Air, Inc. has begun work on installing the new SR305 compression ignition (diesel) engine from SMA. This aircraft is in the early stages of development. Photos of this plane and the engine will be added to this page soon. The aircraft is based on the existing M-7-C (235, 260, 420) fuselage design, a tailwheel model that has a 5 place cabin and spring aluminum main landing gear. The aircraft will be powered by an SMA SR305 turbocharged diesel. SMA’s “compression ignition” engine is rated at 230 HP for takeoff and 200 HP for cruise. The turbocharged diesel engine will provide the Maule with improved altitude performance, lower fuel consumption, and typical Maule STOL characteristics. This engine uses Jet A fuel, which is readily available worldwide.

Maule Air, Inc. has contracted with LoPresti Speed Merchants of Vero Beach, Florida, to design a new cowl for the SR305 engine in the new model. They are currently at work on the design at their facility, while Maule Air, Inc. is working on various systems for the engine application at the Maule factory. The standard fuel capacity will increase from 73 gallons (current standard) to 85 gallons of usable fuel. This will give this aircraft a range of over 1000 miles according to estimated specifications.

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